May 5, 2015


Work with us

In overwhelming majority of cases, the existing methods of medical simulation are limited to the resolution of strictly-defined tasks. For instance, teaching medical staff to respond to certain critical situations, such as anesthesiology, reanimation, bleeding and a number of other medical tasks. Therefore, highly technological simulators, including models with the computer control system, imitate different critical states by variation of electro-mechanical unit parameters that manage the models.

There is no doubt that this is an urgent issue in our time. Besides, the circle of medical tasks, where the methods of computer simulation can be used, is incomparably wider now. It is impossible to resolve such tasks with the help of currently existing simulators. That is the reason why PureMedSim technology was developed.

We offer cooperation to any party, interested in further perfection of this technology and development on its basis of highly efficient medical simulators that can be used practically in all areas of theoretical and practical medicine.

We are open to any offer or suggestions in the followings directions:

  • Development and further perfection of the technology;
  • Development of separate functionally complete simulators for different areas of medicine on the basis of this technology;
  • Integration of separate elements of this technology with currently existing simulators.