June 8, 2015


PharmaKin is a system of pharmacokinetic simulation

Modeling ways to retain stability of therapeutic concentration of preparation in plasma of blood that will allow to avoid cumulation of preparation and side effects.
Calculation of intake, distribution, and excretion of medicinal preparations in different organs and tissues of a human organism

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Key Features

– Built-in Physiological Model
– Drugs Administration System
– Excretory Systems and Water-Salt Metabolism
– Biochemistry
– Hemodynamics
– Food Intake and Digestion and Soak
– Drugs Database

– Use Drugs From Library or Add a New Drug
– Drugs Introduction: oral, intravenous and intramuscular
– Drugs Distribution and Excretion
– Pharmacodynamics
– Pharmacokinetics

– Transport of Blood to Organs
– The Volume of Blood Passing Through The Vascular System/Organ
per minute (mL/min)

Digestion and Soak
– Gastric substances recieved with food
– Secretion of gastric juces and enzymes in the stomach
– Final product of the gastrointentestinal digestion
– Secretion of digestive juces and enzymes in the intestine

Product Overview 

Complete Physiological Model

Hemodynamics, Biochemistry, Respiratory, Gas Exchange, Water-Salt Metabolism, Digestion and Soak, Excretory Systems work together

Drug Database

Creation of a virtual patient based on the parameters of physical characteristics and a level of creatine clearance


Simulation of blood circulation in an organism

Drug Administration System

Drug introduction: per oral, intravenous, and intramuscular. Drug Distribution and Excretion


– Set dosage, time and input method of medicine, set an appropriate diet

– Creation of a virtual patient based on the parameters of physical characteristics and a level of creatine clearance

Food Intake Module

Daily diet taken by virtual body including nutrition composition of products


Build concentration graph of medicine in arterioles and venules, extracellular and intracellular liquids